Welcome to 2022-23 

Welcome to 2022-23 from the Tenterfield Chamber of Tourism, Industry & Business.   

Please find included in this Welcome Pack a number of promotional documents to keep you up to date with the benefits of being a member of your local Chamber.  

The year 2021-22 has seen an improvement in our recovery from COVID-19, with our borders re-opening and tourism starting to move again. The TCTIB Board has dedicated significant time and effort in sourcing funding to implement programmes to assist business in their recovery, and keep business informed on support measures. Growing our membership by running initiatives that provide value for money for members.  

2022-2023 Board Members  

President Kristen Lovett    KLAS Business + Accounting  

Vice President Prue Birch    Ray White Rural Tenterfield 

Secretary Laynee Taylor    Cafe 263 

Treasurer Jo Moore    Moore Eggs Pty Ltd 

Board Members  

Peter Hay    Foodworks Tenterfield & Matador Meats  

Lauren Lavea    Just Sports & Fitness 

Sharon Tierney    Tenterfield Tafe NSW 

If you have any thoughts, ideas or issues please feel free to approach any of the above board members.  


2021-22 has also seen the celebration of our town and community in a fantastic fashion.  

With the world returning to a new form of normality, the wonderful and extremely dedicated committee members in Tenterfield held a number of very successful festivals and events: Oracles of the Bush, Tenterfield Autumn Festival, Show & Shine, the inaugural Granite & Gravel, Rotary & TCTIB Annual Christmas Carnival. Each of these events seen Tenterfield booming and the main street was overflowing with visitors.  

SHOP Tenterfield Business Raffles  

A great new initiative has been the SHOP Tenterfield Business Raffle – facebook page. This was created to keep business moving during the lockdown periods and seen a total of $130,000 in sales pass through this page, going directly to local business members. 442 raffles were held, 42 business got involved, 244 individuals won prizes and there was 1174 members of the facebook group. This was so successful we have decided to add it to our annual calendar and run in the months leading up to Christmas.  

TCTIB & Rotary Christmas Carnival  

The Tenterfield True Shire Spend Card was recently used as the platform for the Tenterfield True Support Local Campaign 2021. This campaign was established in partnership with the Tenterfield Bowling Club, and heavily supported by local business sponsors to entice, encourage and reward our community in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2021. The campaign was launched to coincide with the relaxing of state lockdown laws to help support the local economy. $40,000 in funds was committed, which was strategically distributed into the local economy. By using the Tenterfield True Shire Spend Local Cards it ensured these funds would be spent locally, injected directly back into local Member Businesses through their various channels.  

A $10,000 raffle was run in conjunction with the Rotary Christmas Carnival, with tickets being given to anyone that shopped in a Member Business.  

Tenterfield True Shop Local $10k draw 

1st  $5,000 – Alli Blyth – Sold at Tenterfield Homemakers 

2nd $3,000 – Kat Davis – Sold at  

3rd  $2,000 – Sharon Foster – Sold at Foodworks Tenterfield  

TCTIB Aub Gillespie Shop Window Display Competition (Judged by Tracey Butler & Jacqui Wait) 

1st - $1000 – Sherelle’s Fashions 

2nd - $ 250 – Chapter 263 

3rd - $ 250 – Just Sports & Fitness 


The members of TCTIB board likes to think of ourselves as the voice of our local businesses to the community and the Tenterfield Shire Council, working together with both parties. TCTIB and the TSC went back to monthly meetings in Feb22, where many important local issues were discussed, with the CEO, Mayor & Economic Development Officer. These meetings have been even more relevant with the election of the new Councillors, and the new Strategic & Financial Plan. 

TCTIB ran 2 very well attended THINK TANK sessions to gather and document the needs & desire of our community and provide this to the TSC for the formation of the 10 year Strategic & 4 year Financial Plan.   

Tenterfield True – Shire Spend Cards 

TCTIB launched our local shopping card, the “Tenterfield True’ card in late November 2020 with great results. From then through to May22, we have issued 2,120 eftpos spend cards with a total loaded value of $160,856 !!! These funds can only be spent in LOCAL participating businesses.  

Foodworks, Wilshire & Co, The Corner Life & Style, Greenview Restaurant (Bowling Club) and the Tenterfield Bowling Club are currently the most popular spending destinations.  

This program has now been structured to be COST NEUTRAL to the Chamber and now has almost half of the TCTIB members actively supporting this program by accepting these cards in their businesses. By being cost neutral, it ensure the long-term sustainability of the program and will keep even more dollars in our local economy!  

This program is available free, but exclusively to TCTIB members only. 

Please email tctib@outlook.com if you have any questions regarding this program or to have someone contact you about signing up.   

2022-23 Membership 

Our current membership sits at 118 which is almost double its previous levels showing greater confidence in the Chamber and its initiatives.  

Invoices for 2022-23 membership are now being processed and will soon be seen in your inboxes. Membership runs from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023, and will fall due on July 31st 2022. 

In the current economic climate ensuring good communication and providing information to our members is paramount, so continuing membership to TCTIB is extremely important. We hope this is seen as a valuable benefit to your business during these uncertain times. 

Kind Regards 

Kristen Lovett 



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