Supporting Local Business through fun and community

Commencing on the 1st of October 2022 @ 6pm

How do I join?
Click on the Link: Tenterfield Business Raffle Group

How Does a Business Raffle Work?  All the Details are below but in summary, you put up an item of stock that you are selling.  You nominate the number of tickets that are available and for a price.  For Instance, if you are selling a Dress worth $200.  You would nominate 12 Tickets at $20, the extra covers the freight.  12 people purchase these tickets at $20.  The raffle is drawn and the winner receives the dress, and has effectively ‘won’ a $200 dress for $20, and you have sold this dress, had some fun and the community have been engaged. You do this by posting to the Facebook page that is operating for Shop Tenterfield Business Raffle.

Will I be out of Pocket?  No you will not.  As you are selling tickets to the value of your product you will receive the funds equal to that amount plus freight.

What kind of products can I sell? Anything you like, but you need to be able to get it to the successful purchaser. So, unless you plan to deliver, post and transportable products are best. But this is up to you.  Product restrictions are listed below. The product value cannot exceed $5,000 per Trade Promotions requirements.

Is it just for Locals?  No, once the page is up you can share it to anyone and all of your customer base, so that they can take part in what ever part of the world they are in, the product will just go by Mail.  This is a great way to spread the experience and also the possibilities of the raffle and increase the number of draws that can take place

Is it just for Tenterfield Chamber Business Members?  Yes, you do need to be a paid member of the Tenterfield Chamber of Tourism Industry and Business to participate in the business raffle and ‘selling’ your product.

How will it be put up for Raffle? You as the business will Post to the Shop Tenterfield Business Raffle Facebook Group. You will include a picture of the item and details of the ticket price, how many are available and details of the product. Purchasers will then comment on the post with the number of tickets they would like to purchase.  Once all Tickets are Sold the Business will Mark SOLD OUT on the top of their Post (edit and put in the post) and send a message with bank account details for the purchasers to pay for the tickets.  See further details below.  

Full Details on the rules and how it works are below:-    
How it works:
A business/vendor will offer a product for the raffle. They must clearly indicate the retail price and any additional postage or delivery fees for the product offered.
The business will determine how many tickets will be offered for the product and at what price per ticket. Each product must have a minimum of 5 tickets offered.
i.e., the seller offers a product worth $50 plus postage of $10 = total retail price $60.
The seller offers 12 tickets at $5 per ticket.
If you would like to buy tickets in a current raffle, simply comment on the post with how many tickets you would like.
You may buy more than one ticket but not more than half the allocated number per family i.e. if 10 tickets are offered the most you can buy is 5.
Only 1 person per immediate family can buy tickets in the raffle i.e., if the wife buys 5 the husband cannot buy the remaining 5.
The seller will allocate you consecutive ticket numbers and reply to your post informing you of your number. Sellers will write tickets and hold the butts as evidence of the ticket numbers and draw, and use these when drawing the raffle instore.
When all tickets have been purchased the seller will post SOLD OUT on the top of the post and no more tickets will be issued.
The seller will then message bank account details for payment of the tickets. Tickets must be paid for within 3 hours of being notified of the details. When paid for please reply to your post with PAID so the seller can monitor payments.
If payment hasn’t been received in 3 hours, the tickets will be forfeited and re-offered on the original raffle post.
When all tickets have been paid for, the seller (business offering the prize) will announce when they will be drawing their raffle and this will be done live in the Facebook page, or live on the business’s own page with it being SHARED to the Shop Tenterfield Business Raffle group page.  The seller post it to the group and notify their winner. 
Winners are encouraged to post pictures of your lucky raffle win.

Please note:
Sellers must be members of the Tenterfield Chamber of Tourism Industry and Business
Bidders on the raffles do not have to reside in the local LGA.
You may buy tickets in multiple raffles. Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee a win.
If a product fails to attract enough interest/tickets to cover the retail price, the seller may withdraw the item and MUST refund any tickets paid to date.
Any dispute must be lodged in writing to the Tenterfield Chamber of Tourism Industry and Business within 12 hours of the raffle. Please submit to All disputes will be resolved within the following 24 hours.
TCTIB ADMIN will be monitoring all posts for fairness and honesty.
If ADMIN becomes aware of dishonesty the post and person will be removed from the group.
Bad language, derogatory or defaming remarks will not be tolerated, and the person will be removed from the group.
Prizes over $5000, firearms, cosmetic surgery and alcohol can not be offered for sale.
If fresh food or hampers are offered, the seller must liaise with the buyer for timely delivery/ pick up.
Where vouchers are offered, an expiry date on use must be provided and must be a reasonable timeframe (minimum of 3 years)
Please note: 
This initiative is open to residents of New South Wales and Queensland only and is lawful under Category 1, Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and Trade Promotions, Liquor and Gaming NSW.
This promotion is in no way endorsed, sponsored or associated with Facebook, or any other licensed brand being used on this page.
Maximum value of items is $5000