The Tenterfield Chamber of Tourism, Industry and Business (TCTIB) is a not-for-profit business support organisation made up of leaders and business owners in the Tenterfield community.

The TCTIB is run by business owners within the community that freely and willingly volunteer their time and resources for the betterment of Tenterfield. 

We provide value for members through advocacy, representation, information, education, promotion and networking.

The TCTIB has been running in this capacity for several years; however has its origins recorded as far back as 1928 bringing together the business community in (but not limited to) Tourism, Community, Industry and Business.

We give back to the community through numerous events including the Christmas Business Raffle of later years as well as sponsoring Oracles of the Bush, The Autumn Festival and Gravel and Granite to name a few. We encourage spending within the community through Tenterfield True Spend Cards.

Other areas (but not limited to) that the we focus on are seminars, workshops and training sessions for members of the chamber and business community on a regular basis.

We have some great projects in various stages of development and role out including the Tenterfield Business Awards to be held in September for this year.

The Chamber is always looking and encouraging members to attend monthly meetings, join the committee during our AGM and participate with events and projects throughout the year.

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If you have any thoughts, ideas or issues please feel free to get in touch or come along to one of our meetings, scheduled for the second Monday of each month. 

Please view our Facebook page for any updates.

Our mission is to drive local economic development, job creation and increase tourism for the Tenterfield Shire.

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